ZHY Foundry Co., Ltd., was founded in 2004, lWe put creditably first, insist by quality win, adhere to reasonable price, first-class service enterprise strategy. We can make the best to provide customers with high-class products and quality services.

Our group main products:energy saving and environmental protection Composite fused alumina,brown fused alumina,Vice-whtie Fused Alumina,white fused alumina,Black Fused Alumina,Semi-Fribale Fused Alumina,Mono-Crystalline Aluminum Oxide,Micro-Crystalline Fused Alumina,Zirconia Fused Alumina,Compact Fused Alumina,Fused Mullite,Fused Magnesium Aluminum Spinel,silicon carbide powder,Calcium Aluminate,Desulfurizer,Deoxidizer,Covering Flux,Slag-Iron Separation Agent,Slag-steel Separation Agent etc hundreds of productions.

Our R&D Composite Fused Alumina through the newest type smelting  industry technology,utilize the newest type Environmental protection and energy saving reductant,reuse the industrail waste,indeed actualize green,environmental protection,energy conservation,high efficiency in the corundom areas.

We are committed to the development and application of high technology and new materials,in response to the national policy of energy preservation and environmental protection.

Our products are all manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2008 international standards, so you can feel at ease in purchasing and using them. Please feel free to contact us if you are in need of OEM parts or our other products. We believe that you will be satisfied with our products and services.

Brown fused alumina is a raw materials for synthetic industry, widely used in refractory materials industry, all kinds of consolidation abrasives, coated abrasives and grinding paste. It mainly used for grinding metal materials. In the construction of national modernization it is an indispensable industry.

Brown fused alumina in China has late start. It was successful founded and developed in 1951. This industry in China developed from scratch during the half century. Before the 1980s, brown fused alumina production in our country developed slowly. There were only several big state-owned enterprises in the production. At that time, the output were only over ten tons. Since China launched the policy of reform and opening-up, the production, just like mushrooms, flourished quickly. So far, the production capacity has reached 3 million tons which leads China to the world’s first big country to produce brown fused alumina.

At present the proportion of brown fused alumina production for fixed furnace and dumping furnace is about 3:4 in our country. No matter it is a fixed furnace or dumping furnace, its production technology is basically similar. They use bauxite as main raw materials, combined with other auxiliary materials and integrated by melting furnace with high temperature. The brown fused alumina is made by a series of chemical and physical reactions. And it is a kind of high energy consumption products.